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October 3, 2008
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nothing to see here GTFO plz by nocturnalMoTH nothing to see here GTFO plz by nocturnalMoTH
"stop taking pictures..!!"

ok, remember that interview I talked about recently? Yeah, we decided to spontaneously take a carton of eggs and a marker to the parking lot and see what happened..
The girl who interviewed me was at the time the only one with a camera, so she got to shoot lotsa different pictures of this scenario. But I didn't get to see how they turned out ('cos I was too shy to ask) so I came back later with my sister and my dad's camera.
The funniest part was when my sister and I took those two eggs you see in the background and smashed them as well (I put the glaring one back in the carton, just fer kicks..).

So, yeah, another egg picture..

The "story" behind this one is that one egg got brutally murdered, it was a hit-and-run kinda incident, and I'm guessing the egg lying next to him, crying it's eyes out, was his partner or something. That terrified one wasn't supposed to be covered in yolk/blood, but he fell.. which actually made it more gory in a way... idk
And that one at the front, glaring at'cha, he's the one keeping the paparazzi away, ridding the mourning eggs of unwanted attention.

on the other hand, Mr. Glarealot over there looks kinda accusing rather than threatening, don'tcha think..? Like he's saying "It was you... I just knowit.."

or something..


aaanyway! Hope you guys like it :p

art by: EMS / MoTH (that's right: still me..) oct. 2008
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xD Your famous eggs!
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Is it fine if I draw a picture based on this?
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... P.M .9 years ago
a person dared Jerry got dared to sleep
... ... in a house that was belived
... next day his friends
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him. They
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exept the
attic.He wasn't supposed to sleep
there. He was supposed to
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living room they went into
the attic.
They saw Jerry's corpse and they just
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Stewart Read this and
didn't believe it.
He shut off his computer
and went
through his day. That night while he
was in bed he heard
something outside
of his door. He got up to
look. And now
he's dead. Example 2: A Girl named
Haley Read this in the
morning and she
got scared but she didn't send it. She wanted to know if it was true. She wen
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How is this related to dead eggs :?
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:D I'm ALIVE! :D YAY! Life is great! 
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Stupid chain mail ass hole.
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HAHAAA!!! Oh my gawd
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This is perfect! xD
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